Annual Membership Fees – what are the annual fees and how are they used?

Each property owner is required to belong to the Cedar Ridge Waterfront Park Corporation. Fees are collected to pay for the following:

  • Waterfront and tennis court maintenance,
  • Property taxes,
  • Lease payments for the tennis courts,
  • Property insurance,
  • Administration,

Each year the members determine the annual budget of the Corporation. Once all of the lots have been sold to members it is expected that the annual cost of membership will be less than $300. Until that time Cedar Point Canada Inc. will subsidize the budget to ensure that the annual fee does not exceed $1,000 per member.

Digging A Well


One common question is what does it cost to dig a well.  The answer is; it depends on how deep you need to go.

The properties on the ridge are between 150 and 200 feet about the level of the lake, so it is possible that you might need to go as deep as 200 feet before you hit water.

I recently (May 2018) obtained a quote from a local contractor to construct a well.  It was as follows:

o     drilling the well is $55/ft.,

o     a well screen or liner is $2,500

o     Reg 903 is grouting of the well,1 hr. flow test and a vermin proof cap which $1,500 for that process ea.

So a 100 ft. well would cost about $ 9,500, a 200 ft. well would cost $ 15,000 plus HST.

You would also need to add a pump that would add another $ 4,500 to your cost.




Driveways – Shared

In the Cedar Ridge development we wanted to keep the street line a natural as possible by limiting the number of driveways that were on the street. For this reason we set up the properties where most of the properties shared one driveway between two properties.  The common driveway will enter on the common property line and then split after between five and ten metres.

Where you want a completely private driveway, please let us know and we might be able to accommodate you.

How is my ownership of the Waterfront Park secured?

We have worked with a local law firm to create a structure that provides guarantee and permanent access to the waterfront park. The property is transferred to the residents free of any mortgages, liens or other debts of any kind. Each purchaser will be provide a letter of opinion from our law firm that they can have examined by their own lawyers.

Property maintenance

How do I take care of my property ?

Many of the residents have got together and hired a property maintenance company to take care of their properties.

Tennis Courts – how are they made available?

Two tennis courts, just behind the welcome centre have been leased to the Cedar Ridge Waterfront Park Corporation on a long term basis. The members maintain these courts and they are available during daylight hours for member only use.

When do I need to build

The only requirement to build a home withing a specific number of years relates to the installation of the Hydro on your lot.

To explain I would point out that the development process at Cedar Ridge is in three stages.  First we build the road, then we add the Bell and Hydro infrastructure and then the final stage is where Hydro One installs the transformers on your property.

Once that last stage is completed and the transformer is installed a five  year clock starts, where Hydro One requires that you connect as a customer within that 5 year period or effectively they charge you for the installation of the transformer.  To support the collection where you do not connect a fully refundable deposit is required to be given to Hydro One.  This deposit is anywhere from $ 12,000 to $ 18,000.  If you do not build a house and connect within that five year window you loose your deposit.

Where you know that you will not be building for a number of years it might be possible to defer the installation of the transformer.




Who is Blairhampton?

Blairhampton Properties Inc. was the original developer who in 1998 registered the plan of subdivision and created much of the current infrastructure. While they still have a website, they are no longer a part of the Cedar Ridge project.