Building a driveway

Now that you have purchased your building lot, one of the first steps is to build the driveway and install electricity and telephone lines.

Step one:

Hire an engineer to design the layout of your driveway.  The engineers will consider topography of the land and the proposed position of your house on the property.  They will also consider the setbacks and the township zoning requirements for driveways.

It is possible to skip this step if no one is asking for this type of layout.  In our case Hydro One required a CAD diagram of the lot, where the home was to be placed, and the layout of the land.

Step two:

Apply for an entrance permit from the township.  In our case it was fairly simple: we filled out a form obtained from the town, paid $50, and six weeks later we had our permit.

Step three:

In our case we need to bring electricity and telephone lines in from down the street.  This process is a lot more complicated.

  1. We contacted Hydro One and requested that they design a plan for us. The cost was $ 50 per lot.  We provided them with our CAD diagram of the property and projected house size and a month later we had our draft design.  It is important to know that these plans are only valid for 6 months, after that time you need to pay another fee.
  2. Hydro One requires that both the owner of the lot and the town approve the plan. In Tiny Township, it is the Director of Public Works that approves the plan.  It can take another month for the Town to provide the approval.
  3. Once you have provided the hydro company with the approval, they will cost out the work that they will be doing, which includes providing the transformer and sending you a contract.
  4. The hydro company will do the parts of the work required to install the hydro infrastructure and you will need an independent contractor to do the rest. For the part that the hydro company will do, they prepare a contract.  The contract may be quite confusing.  They cost the work, they then determine the value of getting a new customer.  At that point, if the value of the customer is higher than the cost (which is should be) they actually pay you for putting in a new service.  The catch is that they then require you to pay them $8,000 per lot as a refundable deposit.  You only get this deposit back if you build a house and connect to the transformer within five years.
  5. You also need to hire a contractor to install the conduit and base for the transformer. We hired Hapamp, a local electrical contractor.  Most electrician do not do this type of work.

Step Four:

You need to clear the trees, remove the stumps and install the driveway.  You best bet is to get a contractor that specialize in this type of work.  The cost of removing the trees should not be much more than $ 1,000.  Most contractors sell the wood to offset their cost.

It is important that you stake out where the drive is going to be based on the pin placed by the surveyor.  If you cannot find the pins, then you might want to have a surveyor repost them for you.


The budget will depend on how long your driveway is. In our case, it was 300 feet and will be servicing three lots.

Our ball park costs are expected to be as follows:

  • Engineering        $   2,000
  • Hydro/Bell          $ 17,000
  • Hydro One          $ 24,000 refundable deposit
  • Construction      $ 18,000
Waterfront Living

Waterfront Living

Have you ever wondered what waterfront living would be like? Many people have this dream, but very few realize that they have the ability to make it a reality. So let yourself dream for a minute, and let your mind transport you to the possibilities waterfront living has in store. Imagine walking out your back door to see some of Ontario’s finest shorelines. What would it be like to go fishing at your leisure or boating whenever the mood strikes you? What would it be like to retire in your own personal oasis?  The premier waterfront community of Cedar Ridge can help you realize these dreams and make them your new reality. Waterfront living in Ontario has never looked quite this good.

Cedar Ridge is located on an undiscovered piece of Georgian Bay’s southern shoreline. The community is almost completely surrounded by water which creates a unique feeling of isolation and privacy. Cedar Ridge is made up of wooded lots which average about two acres in size. Owning property here comes with the added bonus of a community beach and tennis courts for residents. There is also approximately two hundred acres of private forested land that is reserved for recreational activities such as hiking.

But the real fun begins at the water, where residents have direct access to all that  Georgian Bay has to offer. There is an incredible opportunity to explore new activities and keep up old hobbies in this prime location. Whether you prefer the steady pace of a canoe or if the speed of a powerboat, there is plenty of room at Cedar Ridge to explore a multitude of water recreation activities. It truly is a playground for all ages to stay active and explore.

Cedar Ridge also offers the unique opportunity to build your dream home by the water. Finding waterfront property for sale in Ontario is hard enough without the added stress of finding a home to your liking. By building on the water, you eliminate one of the more time-consuming elements of buying waterfront property. Cedar Ridge is a prime location for anyone looking to take up residence on the water and offers the perfect blank canvas for whatever home you dream up.

We have partnered with ICF Homes to help you on your way to creating a suitable home that will do the amazing views at Cedar Ridge justice. Whether you are looking to build a small retirement escape or something big enough for the entire extended family, Cedar Ridge is the perfect location. We offer various lot options that highlight countless elements Cedar Ridge, from near panoramic views to some remaining lots with private waterfront access. There are plenty of options that don’t sacrifice privacy and proximity to the water.

Cedar Ridge is located in Tiny Township, which is only a two-hour drive from Toronto. At this distance, you’ll be able to enjoy a vacation home at Cedar Ridge with much more frequency. You’ll be getting to your private dock or your favourite Muskoka chair much faster than those who have to trek to Muskoka country. This hidden gem will have your relaxing much sooner than the rest of the crowd.

Cedar Ridge is also fairly close to various towns that offer entertainment, shops, and grocery stores. Wasaga Beach, the world’s largest freshwater beach, is nearby and provides entertainment and restaurants. Midland and Collingwood are also a reasonable distance away, as well as the small town of Lafontaine which offers small comforts such as an LCBO and a grocery store. Cedar Ridge offers convenient proximity while still allowing you to escape and enjoy your privacy.

Deciding to buy land and build a home from the ground up is no small decision. Waterfront property does not come around often and many may find that this opportunity is too good to pass up. We welcome you our sales office on Melissa Lane in Penetanguishene so that we can answer any questions you may have. We don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to invest in your long-held dream and look forward to showing you everything the Cedar Ridge can be for you.

Waterfront Lots

Cedar Ridge is located on Georgian Bay, just northwest of Midland Ontario on Cedar Point road just few minutes from Lafontaine.

This well-established community was created 20 years ago with the introduction of 34 estate size water front lots.  Almost all of the water front lots were snapped up years ago. We only have two waterfront lots still available.

Each lots is 150 feet wide and 600 feet deep, allowing enough space to build your dream residents and provide the privacy you have always wanted.

Once you have purchased your lot you have the option of building your own custom design cottage with your own builder or purchasing a home from one of our pre-screened local builders.

Recreational Activities on Georgian Bay

Recreational Activities on Georgian Bay


Georgian Bay offers some of the worlds greatest boating.  Everything from paddle boarding and windsurfing to deep water cruising.


Cedar Ridge has over 200 acres of forest and bike trails available.

Waterfront Park

The community owned Waterfront park offers 367 of sandy beach waterfront available to members.

Tennis Court

Cedar Ridge offers two tennis courts.


Cedar Ridge – Lots for sale

The beauty of Cedar Ridge is that it gives you options.  We offer a number of different types of lots to meet your needs and budget.

Waterfront Lots:

We have only 2 waterfront lots remaining.  These lots offer premium waterfront exposure in an high end community.

Hillside lots:

Two new Premium Escarpment Lots. These lots offer an incredible view of Georgian Bay and are located just steps from the waterfront park and tennis courts.

Elevated ridge:

Elevated ridge provides you the best view of the Georgian Bay. Unfortunately, the first phase is already sold put, however the second phase will be available in the spring of 2017.

Heritage Woods:

The final phase I believe is includes 22 forest lots. These lots offer the most privacy as they back onto 200 acres of forest land.

Estate Lots

While all of the lots at Cedar Ridge are large we have a selection of property ranging from 20 to 40 acres that will be available in late 2017.



Top Reasons for you to invest in properties at Cedar Ridge

Top Reasons for you to invest in properties at Cedar Ridge

When buying in a community you need to see the history, you need to understand where the project is going.

Buying in a new community comes with risk, how will the community develop, what types of house will be built, will all of the amenities be completed.

Cedar Ridge was created in 1998 and is able to boost dozens of estate style homes.  The tennis courts are in and the waterfront park is complete and beautiful.

Buying in an older community provides the challenge of finding a property available that meets your needs.

Cedar Ridge is old enough to have proven it self and with the two new phases coming available Cedar Ridge gives you lots of alternatives.

There are number of resale homes, however we have a nice selection of Waterfront, Escarpment and forest lots.  something for everyone.

Now the big bonus, in an effort to launch these new phases the prices will be the same as used over ten  years ago.

Talk to us, we will show you how to make  your dream come true.