Various Georgian Bay Lots for Sale

Various Georgian Bay Lots for Sale

So it’s the same time when your entire family gets together for a gala time or you have some extra time for dreaming.

It is the perfect time to dream about your new cottage or home?

You can take help from your near and dear ones to help in designing the home that you would be designing in some years from now.

But how will you be able to start? We all have a plan in mind how our dream house or cottage will look like. However, all the ideas are still in our mind and nothing concrete is on paper. If one can get it on paper, it will be easily developed and shared.

So, if you are really serious about getting your home, then we at Cedar Point Canada can make your life easier. We have the key to keep the entire process simple and fun. We believe that to be creative, you have to be relaxed and this is what we do and make our clients feel.

We present for you different kinds of Georgian Bay Lots for Sale
that I am sure are enough to grab your attention and provide you with a Heritage Home of your dream.

Elevated Ridge

To get the mesmerizing view of the Georgian Bay, elevated ridge provides the best view. The first phase is already sold out and from spring 2015, second phase will be available for sale.

In the final phase of Cedar Ridge, there will be a total of 22 forest lots that shall provide around 2 acres of forested land. The best part of these lots is that they back onto around 200 acres of forest land that are privately owned and can be used for hiking.

Heritage Woods

The final phase of Cedar Ridge includes 22 forest lots providing approximately 2 acres of heavily forested privacy. These lots back onto 200 acres of privately owned forest available for hiking. These lots come with access to the waterfront park and tennis courts

Hillside Lots

Three new premium escarpment lots have been made available for the spring of 2015.The location of these lots are incredible as they are bang opposite the waterfront park apart from the size being bigger when compared with the standard escarpment lot.

Escarpment at Cedar Ridge

These too provide the amazing view of the Georgian Bay. Every individual lot is approximately 2 acres. All the lots come with view and access to tennis courts and Waterfront Park.

Waterfront lots

All these lots have a frontage on Georgian Bay that is approximately 150 feet. From the total 38 lots available, currently you can book from 2 only.


We also aid you with financing. You only need to give as little as 20% down payments and you can own your own dream lot.

Thus, now you are a step closer to making your dream come true of owning a Georgian Bay Cottage.